Pop Pop Battle J is a 4-player party game that takes advantage of a shared custom-built controller and frantic, physical action.

Pop Pop Battle J was featured during IndieCade 2012′s Night Games event
Pop Pop Battle J

Pop Pop Battle J at a DOPE chiptune show in San Francisco.

Players begin by selecting one of four eccentric characters to represent themselves in a colorful, alien arena. The arena contains nine holes which correspond to the buttons on the shared controller. As characters pop up in the arena quickly & randomly, hitting the corresponding button gives them a swift bonk, and in the game’s 100-second round players are tasked with hitting all other characters while protecting their own by any means necessary — be it a self-sacrificial slam on yourself or a (friendly) shove to your neighboring opponent! Anything is fair game as long as all players agree to it.

With nine buttons, four players, and two hands each, Pop Pop Battle J is a close-quarters, quick-reflex party game filled with visual pop and tactile sensation. It’s meant to bring together rowdy friends and social strangers alike, frantically clamoring for victory!

Pop Pop Battle J

Developers & journalists get physical with Pop Pop Battle J at E3.

Pop Pop Battle J is still in development but is demoing around the Los Angeles Area.

Pop Pop Battle J

We’ll bring the hand sanitizer.

Presently, we’ve demoed Pop Pop Battle J at the Game Developers Conference, Electronic Entertainment Expo (with coverage on IndieGames.com), and a live chiptune concert. It’s set up to be relatively portable, at best running alongside a projector and a 3-ft. controller, or at minimum, off only a tablet PC and a miniature 10-in. controller.

We have plans to exhibit with IndieCade, GlitchLab LA, and Giant Robot‘s Game Night in the near future. As the game is designed around physical proximity and unconventional peripherals, there are no current plans to distribute Pop Pop Battle J online — for now, you’ll just have to play with us in person!

The game was designed to suit a couple of our own custom-built controllers that are based on Konami’s Pop’n Music control scheme; however, we have no affiliations with Konami or their games. We did, however, want to create something cool for an under-used peripheral!

Pop Pop Battle J was made to adapt to any number of weird input schemes that can totally change the way the game plays and feels. We’re working on adapting the game to dance pads, for example, drastically opening up the amount of physical play space and encouraging the use of all your limbs. And that’s just the beginning!

Please follow us on Twitter at @PopPopBattleJ for updates!

Pop Pop Battle J is being developed by James Montagna, Tommy Pedrini, Elliot Trinidad, and Eddie Xu. Photographs by Elliot Trinidad. For information & inquiries, please email: < elliot [at] ultranimb.us >